Denise Wyatt Native Speaker

Brief introduction:

  • Born in South Africa! (thankfully not raised by lions)
  • Qualified primary school teacher BEd (1998) taught in S.A. until 2001
  • Moved to London, England (May, 2001) taught all ages/ subjects incl. (Special Needs)
  • Management and leadership roles in various schools with children aged 3 to 13
  • Nov. 2016, I moved to Austria, with my husband (from England) and daughters: Jasmine (10) NMS Deutschlandsberg - and Taylor (9) 4th Class VSFrauental


My experience:

  • Business English (50 adults) Gleisdorf-Austriadruckguss
  • English - 4th classes (voluntary) VS Frauental (GTS - arts and crafts in English)
  • De La Tour (Seiersberg) English teaching, planning,testing,correcting
  • VS Lannach - 3rd and 4th Classes (weekly)
  • Frauental Kinderhaus - Creative English
  • Private lessons (Englisch Nachhilfe)
  • Facepainter/art and craft workshops (Kinderbetreuung Firma)


My lessons:

  • Class 1 - 4 - songs, rhymes, introductions, learning new vocabulary through repetition-using favourite characters, colours, numbers, food, places letters,(use of correct pronunciation) etc.
  • Worksheets, crafts, group discussions, games, movement, projects (enjoyment)
  • All lessons will be taught according to children’s individual needs
    (participation and motivation is key)
  • English songs/video clips - variety of books - story/poem session to conclude lessons
  • Classes 3 and 4 will build up to more structured grammar lessons
  • By end of 4th year - aim is for units 1-5 of MORE books to be covered
    (smooth transition into Middle school - reading and understanding instructions independently)


This is a brief description of what I do. If there are specific requirements regarding the school’s expectations or needs, please feel free to discuss them with me.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Kind regards
Denise Wyatt